Titan Two

De Titan Two is de nieuwe generatie adapter in zijn soort, Titan loopt hier voorop zijn concurentie.

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Titan Two
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Product omschrijving

The technology applied in the hardware engineering and upgradeable firmware makes the Titan Two compatible with a wide range of past and current gaming system, and a future-proof device for yet to come console generations.
Titan Two Technology
In the core of the Titan Two device lies a Single-Cycle 32bit RISC micro-controller, running at 66MHz. Next to it there is a dedicated High-Speed USB 2.0 controller, providing to Titan Two device 2 USB-Host ports and 2 USB-OTG ports, each capable of 480Mbps transfers.
For Bluetooth wireless communication, the Titan Two is equipped with a low latency interface that connects the Bluetooth Module (Sold Separately) direct to the micro-controller, ensuring the fastest response time to wireless connections. The Titan Bluetooth Module features a Dual-Mode Bluetooth 4.1 Class 1.5 controller with basic rate (BR), enhanced data rate (EDR) and low energy (LE) support, for up to 4 active connections and 55 meters range.
With all this power at disposal, the Titan Two device is capable of seamless handle, between USB and Bluetooth, up to 8 simultaneously connections and execute any loaded GPC Script or Gamepack, maintaining an average response time between 50 and 250 micro-seconds. A smart algorithm merges the data from multiple inputs into a single normalized data structure, allowing all input devices to operate the gaming system at the same time.
During regular use, the Titan Two is powered by the USB port. However, there are scenarios where multiple devices can be connected to the Titan Two and the USB port may not offer enough power, in this case the Titan Two can be powered by an external power supply (Sold Separately). The power supply may also be needed in cases where the user choose to connect the Titan Two to the gaming system via Bluetooth. In its category, the Titan Two device is pioneer to offer the option of external power supply.
Another pioneer feature present on the Titan Two is the integrated Micro-SD Card reader, a valuable asset to expand the Titan Two capabilities beyond the limited internal flash memory. If present, the external memory is not only used to extend the number of available memory slots or for binary macro files, but also to store the necessary files to support devices such as the Xbox Wireless Adapter, which requires to be initialized with a large set of data.
Going to the logic level, the Titan Two implements an exclusive technology that, in case of compatibility, establishes a virtual connection between the controller and the console. In practice, for the controller and the console they are direct connected, making the features not managed by the Titan Two to work properly, some prominent examples are controller headsets, speaker and chat-pads.
Product eigenschappen
Titan Two is an all-in-one gaming device that combines features of dozens of products in a single form factor. Buy once, play everywhere!
TitanTwo All-in-One
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Nintendo Switch
PlayStation 3
PlayStation TV
Xbox 360
Computers and more...
Converters, Adapters and Crossover Devices
Use your preferred controller on any compatible gaming system. The Titan Two solution replaces dozens of gaming adapters, converters and crossover devices found on the market. An unbeatable value for money.
Mods, Macros, Combos and Modded Controllers
Exclusive MODs, combos and macros (i.e. rapidfire, jitter, drop-shot, anti-recoil, turbo button, etc) can be easily enabled to any game with a simple drag-and-drop of Gamepacks or community made scripts. No chips to install, no tools required.
Controller Layout Customization and Button Remapping
Customize the layout of buttons and sticks accordingly your needs and for any game. This feature can be combined with Gamepacks and Scripts.
Play with Keyboard and Mouse on Consoles
Keyboard and Mouse direct connected to the Titan Two, or redirected from the computer via Gtuner IV, are fully supported and can be used to play console games with an unprecedented level of configuration.
FightSticks, Steering Wheels and Joysticks
The Titan Two is fully compliant with the HID standard, making it compatible with virtually any HID gaming devices, such as fight-sticks, steering wheels, joysticks, foot switches, etc.
Wireless Support for Controllers and Consoles
Controller and consoles can be used wirelessly with the Titan Two by way of the Bluetooth Module (sold separately) or by external wireless adapters, such as the one provided for the Xbox controllers.
Powerful and Full-Featured Scripting Language
Create scripts, combos and macros at the millisecond precision. Program automated commands in reaction to events. Simulate motion sensor and touchpad actions. The possibility are endless.
Programing Software for Windows and Mac
Gtuner IV is a multi-platform software for programming, updating and configuring the Titan Two device.
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